Feeding a healthy addiction to notebooks, fine stationery and productivity tools.

It's been so long!

My word, what a lapse.

This is mainly due to:

- Ongoing Grandad duties
- A home renovation project spiralling way out of control and me living in a building site

I hope to be back very soon!

Nearly there

update: update: update: update: update:

Grandad was deemed too frail and confused to go and live back home independently and so I've been busy arranging a care home placement and dealing with all the associated baggage, of which there is plenty.

We will be moving him in on Monday and then there's his old place to clean up and clear out, and then it's back to reality.

Actually, I admit it might possibly be vice versa - that this experience has brought me down to earth with a thud and I'm desperate for it to be over so that I can loosen the ties and float away again.


I'm still here!

No, I've not been abducted by aliens or fallen into a stationery-induced catatonic trance, I'm just looking after my Grandad whilst he's in hospital, meaning a long journey every day and lots of washing.

I'll be back to share more of my collection as soon as he's well and home again.

Behold my new planner...

I've been meaning to get a new planner for a while now - always a problem half way through the year - but I knew I wanted a cute one with lots of space for note making to try out not carrying an additional notebook for once (shock horror, I know!). Now I'm very, and I mean very, indecisive about which notebooks and planners to use and I analyse it far more than is healthy or sane.

So here is the one I chose for the next 12 months, unless it proves impractical for some reason.

It's by Urban, a Korean designer (surprise surprise), and has a lovely embossed mock leather jacket with a center picture frame design. The spine is gorgeous and will look lovely on my shelf once it's been used. The plastic pocket in the inside of the cover is also perfect for holding a sheet of post-its or page markers.

There's a traditional ribbon marker but it also comes with sticky page tabs to put on yourself and mark out the yearly and monthly calendar and weekly schedule. There's also a section for notes, diagrams and cash flow each with their own tab. I've chosen to put these ones further back and have the calendar ones more prominent at the front.

As the monthly planners are positioned all together at the front with the weekly planners behind, there's sticky tabs to mark out each month down the side of the page. The best bit for me is that it's undated and so I can start it whenever the hell I want! I despise being restricted by such things.

The pages for each section are cute. The daily planner has a priorities section and a box that you can tick to show what the weather was and how you felt! So it incorporates a journalling aspect too, which is very cute. I just hope I'll be able to keep it neat and sweet!

The only unfortunate thing about this planner is that ink bleeds right through the page, even with the driest of fibre-tips. I had to take the planner out to find a pen that I could use with it, which turned out to be a Staedtler triplus fineliner "dry safe". I do prefer writing with gel ink or fibre-tips and had just bought a whole lots of new coloured pens but I'm glad that the Staedtler ones come in a load of colours anyways. I'm using olive green and wine red!

Right through the planner there's random decorative pages, ones that are faded that you can write or doodle on and ones that are simply just a cute picture like this carousel! I love it!

For the love of Korean stationery...

Behold this beautiful Korean notebook by Morning Glory that I ordered from eBay whilst experiencing what must have been a pretty serious 'notebook trance' because the order was stupidly expensive and I couldn't remember any details of the act until I actually received the goods. By then, of course, it was too late. But who cares, this is an awesome notebook!

It has an enchanting cover; a black mock velveteen-type material embossed with a gold design and lettering in cute pidgin English.

Printed on the endpaper is an ancient-looking map that I believe is an overlay of several different maps in different languages. The only place I can make out is Helsinki :) There's also a cute little note explaining the brand vision:

"Morning Glory refers to the glory of morning - an essence we hope to capture in each product" (which I think is quite ambitious for a notebook)

There are two esoteric page designs: one lined with a border and the title Magic Spells and one blank with an extended corner design featuring old maps, herbs and an owl. Dat is soo Harry Potter!

Obviously a girl like me has many secrets and spells that need to be recorded in a suitable notebook such as this. Pity for you, they're all written in invisible ink...

I sold my soul... for a cute notebook

I don't know when my obsession began, but I can tell you that I do have notebooks in my collection over 11 years old - still unused - and herein lies my problem.

Don't get me wrong, I just love a really well used notebook with protruding page markers and leaves tattered with scribbles and notes *shudders with delight* but there are some pretty and unique notebooks that it would seem just plain wrong to defile with illegible ramblings.

I'm now trying to avoid being so precious about them so that I can make this a useful (and therefore justified!) habit.

Now here's a pile of notebooks that look like they were born to lie around on my desk just like this! The three lower ones are all from WH Smith and of varying ages; the black cover on top is an extra thick
Paperchase faux Moley-type in quadrille. I'll be showing off my collection over the next few weeks and taking a closer look at them.

This has a lovely ribbed suedette cover and an elastic fastener that in sewn into the spine. The paper inside is a thin plain paper that looks almost handmade, so it's not that great for inks but fine for biro and gels. The reason I favour quadrille paper is that my handwriting tends to unconsciously 'fit to page' without guidance from rules. Even the usual 6mm rule is too large, I feel. So plain pages are a nightmare unless they're saved for doodles, diagrams and mind maps. This is perhaps the reason that this beauty has been assigned to a decorative life.

Nevermind, the beauty vs. function thing is not really an issue for me. If it's cute, it's a keeper!

What's there to know?

Ok, I admit it: I am a stationery fiend.

The feel of free flowing ink across a Moleskin leaf... The enticing aroma of a virgin Rhodia, never before touched... And the ornate vision of a luxurious Paperblanks with magnetic flip cover and delicate ribbon marker... Oh, it consumes me!

Notebooks are my main obsession, but you can't just stop there; you need to find the right ink for your paper grammage, the right sized clips to hold the used pages back and of course, you need to develop the perfect system of organisation to produce the multitude of lists and next actions that you intend to fill said notebooks with.

Yes, I know, there are much more pressing issues in life, but I find that if I'm not organised and getting all of these thoughts and to-dos out of my head, I'm simply overwhelmed and underproductive.

You may laugh, but I'm proud of my quirky little habit (I'm just running out of storage space).

Other snippets of interest:

I'm a girl, I live in the UK and my favourite notebook brand is Paperblanks, but I find they're almost too pretty to write in so for functionality, I love Rhodia quadrille, always quadrille :)

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